Anna Carreras: Inspiring the NFT World with Diversity and Innovation


Anna Carreras, a prominent Spanish artist in the NFT world, is known for her unique approach to exploring diversity and emergent systems through algorithms and creative code. Carreras’ work transcends the boundaries of traditional art by delving into themes devoid of gender or sexuality, instead focusing on identity and broader concepts.

Carreras’ NFT creations are a fusion of vivid colors and playful elements, but beneath their surface lies a profound exploration of serious societal issues.


A Humble Beginning

In the early stages of her NFT journey, Carreras found herself working from the confines of her home. She shared her creations on Twitter, reaching just over 1,000 followers at the time (a number that has now grown to 4,400). Notably, Carreras does not use Instagram or Facebook, preferring the microblogging platform for her artistic expression.

Carreras recalls a pivotal moment when Casey Reas, a renowned American artist with exhibitions at prestigious institutions like the MOMA and the Pompidou, crossed her path. Reas invited Carreras to participate in the inaugural Feral File group show in March 2021, marking Carreras’ first foray into the world of NFT art. Despite initial doubts, Carreras exhibited 75 pieces from her “Arrels” project, drawing inspiration from the deep-rooted region of Aragón, her family’s ancestral home. Astonishingly, within just half an hour, all of the artists had sold their pieces, signaling Carreras’ entry into the NFT art scene.

The Trossets Project

Carreras’ next significant project came in September, with the release of 1,000 works titled “Trossets” on Art Blocks. To grasp the significance of this platform, one must envision it as an art gallery of the digital era. Unlike traditional galleries, Art Blocks retains only 10% of the sales proceeds.

The hallmark of Carreras’ projects on Art Blocks lies in the realm of generative art. In this innovative approach, the artist creates an algorithm that generates 1,000 unique pieces. These pieces exist only in potential until they are sold, at which point they are brought to life.

Carreras explains this creative process as a departure from traditional methods. The artist has the ability to manipulate aspects such as color, shape, and behavior, resulting in a myriad of possibilities. She likens it to describing a tree with code, allowing for endless variations. Carreras uses code from a language known as Processing, created by none other than Casey Reas himself. This language enables her to give life to her creative visions in ways previously unattainable through traditional illustration tools.

Carreras’ distinctive palette in her “Trossets” project draws inspiration from the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean. Her works are infused with the essence of paella, the allure of Ibiza, the majesty of olive trees, and the simplicity of an omelette.

Anna Carreras’ journey from confinement to NFT art success underscores the transformative power of digital platforms and generative art. Her work not only challenges artistic norms but also serves as a testament to the boundless creativity that technology can unlock in the digital age.

In 2021, Carreras’ NFTs began fetching substantial sums in the marketplace, propelling her to the pinnacle of NFT artistry worldwide.

Her success can be attributed to her distinct artistic style and her remarkable ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. Carreras’ art often delves into the personal and introspective, with a particular emphasis on themes of identity and individuality. She leverages her social media presence to not only showcase her art but also to engage with fellow artists and promote her work effectively.

In an interview with El País, Carreras expressed her astonishment at her NFT success, stating, “I never thought that I could make millions of euros with this. It’s a dream come true.”

Carreras’ journey underscores the transformative potential of NFTs in fostering a direct connection between artists and their global audience, enabling their work to resonate far and wide while simultaneously championing important issues.

Inspiration Story


Carreras’ NFTs frequently draw inspiration from her personal experiences and emotions, with works such as “Trossets NFT color Ibiza”, inspired by the legendary Tintilla Blue Cocktail.

The creative journey began with the visionary chef Adrián Ferrán, who stumbled upon the idea for this unique cocktail entirely by accident. Adrián’s tale takes us to a sunny summer day in the charming town of Es Cubells, nestled on the enchanting island of Ibiza.

Adrián, a lover of fine cocktails, was enjoying his all-time favorite, the Blue Lagoon, while perched on the terrace of a local bar. This bar happened to be sandwiched between two renowned restaurants – one famous for its delectable squid ink dishes crafted by the talented Andy Calamar, and the other known for its mouthwatering morcilla pintxos, masterfully prepared by Chef Pulpo Pol.

Fate intervened in a most unexpected and whimsical manner that day. Two waiters, one from Andy’s restaurant and the other from Pol’s, experienced an uncanny moment of synchronicity. Simultaneously, they both lost their grip on their trays, causing an array of plates and delicacies to soar through the air like a culinary ballet.

In a twist of culinary destiny, a piece of morcilla and a few droplets of squid ink gracefully landed directly into Adrián’s pristine Blue Lagoon cocktail. Astonishingly, the chef’s initial disappointment quickly transformed into amazement as he tasted the extraordinary combination before him.

The blend of the savory morcilla and the rich, briny essence of the squid ink created a taste sensation unlike any other. Adrián was enchanted by this unexpected alchemy, and in that precise moment, the Tintilla Blue Cocktail was born, marked by its striking colors of blue and red – a perfect representation of Ibiza’s vibrant spirit.

In a delightful twist of fate, Trossets Ibiza’s NFT color palette draws its inspiration from this “mar i muntanya” cocktail, which Adrián holds dear to his heart.

The Tintilla Blue Cocktail stands as a testament to the power of unexpected encounters and the way creativity can be sparked in the most unpredictable moments. It serves as a reminder that inspiration can emerge from the unlikeliest of sources, even when one least expects it. In the world of art, NFTs, and creativity, there are no boundaries to where inspiration may lead us.

Empowering Fellow Creators

Beyond her artistic prowess, Carreras is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion within the NFT space. Her art is a testament to her desire to challenge conventional notions of art, pushing boundaries and prompting viewers to reconsider preconceived notions.

Anna Carreras’ remarkable journey stands as an inspiring testament to artists seeking to establish themselves in the NFT realm.

Her art not only affirms the viability of pursuing a career in the digital age but also underscores the immense potential of NFTs to transcend traditional artistic boundaries and engage with global audiences on a profound level.

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